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Teacher Brianne

Teacher Brianne joined our ECP family in January of 2011. She teaches the Green (3-year-olds) and the Orange Classes (4-year-olds) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


She is an alumna of the Evergreen State College, where she earned her bachelor's degree in early childhood education. She is currently working toward her master’s degree in education, but she also wants to study behavioral psychology. Prior to coming to ECP, Brianne worked as a pre-kindergarten teacher at a private school.

Brianne and her husband have two children. In her spare time, Brianne loves to cook, go fishing, create arts and crafts with her daughters, and take hikes.


What our families say about Brianne:


“Brianne has a lovely and calming energy in the classroom. She is able to engage the children well and gives them her attention and respect. Brianne has a strong understanding of where children are developmentally and what are reasonable expectations of them. I think her students feel safe with her and enjoy being at school. Brianne is a talented and gifted teacher and a wonderful person!”

“Brianne is an exemplary educator/facilitator/super fun lady. Her organization affords her to flow with whatever the moment brings and wherever the students take her.”

“We are so lucky to have Teacher Brianne. She is thoughtful, smart, patient, and clearly loves her work.”

“Brianne is calm and confident as well as firm when needed. We can tell she loves working with children through her sense of play and her ability to be flexible on her feet.”

“Brianne shares from her heart and understands that in the case of our class, she is dealing with a group of families who are committed to learning how best to serve our children. Her insights are always tactful and helpful. She is honest and clearly conveys her caring.”





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