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What our families say about Jessie:


"Teacher Jessie immediately connected with our extra shy kiddo, and helped them connect and feel comfortable and safe."


"Teacher Jessie is full of energy and creativity!" 


"It's so reassuring to have a teacher who understands how to connect with kids through laughter and play."

"So much enthusiasm for life!"

"I love that Teacher Jessie can plan lessons for the kids that even the parents don't realize are lessons. Wow! We just learned something too!"






Teacher Jessie

Jessie has two children, both of whom have experienced the joy of attending ECP. With her children, Jessie enjoys tromping through favorite places like Tolmie State Park and the wooded trails surrounding Saint Martin's. On her own, she loves reading, drinking coffee and sitting on benches outside just thinking about things.


Teacher Jessie is a graduate of Saint Martin's University and spent her first seven years as a classroom teacher in the North Thurston School District at Mountain View Elementary. She will be teaching both the Yellow and Blue classes beginning fall of 2024.


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