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Eastside Co-op Partnerships

South Puget Sound Community College

Since 1938 parents in Washington State have had the opportunity to participate in parent education through community and technical colleges. Washington’s investment in parent education is based on studies showing a direct correlation between parent involvement and a child’s school success. This commitment is supported through a tuition waiver provided to all co-op families enrolling in community college programs.


In a college affiliated co-op preschool, college faculty members provide support to parents, teachers and board members in the areas of early childhood education, parenting and family relations, leadership and preschool management. This is provided through participation in parent meetings, classroom visits and observations, board meetings and in-services, and parent/teacher consultations and communications. In addition, the community college supports preschool publicity, responds to informational requests, arranges for liability insurance, and provides parent handbooks and other materials and forms.


The community colleges view co-op preschools as learning places for both children and adults, meeting the needs of the whole child. While children are enrolled in the preschool program, parents are enrolled in a college class that includes parent helping in the lab school (preschool) classroom and participating in parent education opportunities. Two programs under one roof!

Community Endowments and Donations

The Eastside Co-op Preschool is supported not only through tuition, but through public/private grants and in-kind donations from the community.  


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